Clayton High School
Clayton High School

Thoughts following the 50th Reunion   

"It is almost impossible to focus on anything other than my memories
of this very moving and wonderful weekend.  It meant so much to me to see
each and every person - to remember them as teen-agers, as five-year-olds,
as people whose family members I remember, and they remember mine.  

   "I have never had a greater sense of the continuity of my own life - all the
phases of it came together.  All of you remembered things I had completely
forgotten, with each of us filling in so many pieces of our lives. This was a
very heightened moment in my life. Thank you to everyone, with extra thanks
to those of you who took precious time to make this possible for all of us. 

--- Email from Merle Diener Sachs after the 50th reunion weekend

50th reunion photo (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)
50th reunion photo (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Welcome to the CHS '60 Website!
   Those of us who attended the recent 55th reunion had a great time. Many, many thanks to our wonderful hosts - David Charak and Diane, Larry & Michelle Kaplan, and Ellen and Henry Dubinsky.  Many people expressed a desire to stay in contact both with friends who attended and also the many classmates who couldn't be there.  

   Thanks to John Levis's wife, Sally, who is the webmaster for her Ladue class website.  She told us that having the website has really stimulated a lot of communication and connections between members of her class. She directed us to, and offered to help. She also took wonderful photos during our 50th and 55th reunions and set up the 2010 class account with Shutterfly.

   The greatest benefit of the website is that it is ongoing, with no arbitrary printing deadlines and no page limitations.  There are many "bells and whistles" which can be added - music, videos, links to other websites, etc.  But hopefully, introducing it early will stimulate many more submissions and updates, and a lot of communication between class members. 

the Photo Albums section you will find photos from the 50th and 55th reunions.  The Memorials section has a list of our classmates who have died and will hopefully grow to include many memorials submitted by class members who knew them well. There is also the start of a Memory Lane section, with old articles, photos and documents. Check out the Message Boards section, where you can leave messages, comments and questions for classmates. 

    But by far the best is the Classmate Update section, with its collection of photos and written accounts (in alphabetical order) received from classmates prior to the 50th and 55th reunions and since.  When you read this section, you will be blown away by the wonderful photos, plus the cumulative competence and variety of experiences of our class members, who had the extraordinary good fortune to grow up together in a relatively peaceful and less complicated era, in an enlightened community, in supportive, nurturing families, and to be part of a small, close-knit high school class and the beneficiaries of an outstanding education.
   This is the first step in what hopefully will be a ongoing work in progress.  Happy reading, and let us hear from you.